Gail Nicholson, her eyes sparkle, check out her photo for yourself! She is a giver of her time and resources, she can always be found lending a helping hand!

Gail is a mother in YYC and a graduated from Mount Royal in 1988 as a Register Nurse who embarked in her caring career that has spanned into three decades. Gail currently cares for patients with Pulmonary Hypertension full time and seeks to raise awareness for this rare disease with no cure. The Masquerade Ball has been Gail’s heartfelt efforts which started in 2013 and created the path to start YYCharity Inc.


Raising Awareness for the Real People behind Rare Disease.

Ticket are only $25 and available at

The AMAZING talents of VIZARD will be sharing a dance, and their made Masquerade party, costumes with Olga Sem’s amazing Masks!

The Smooth sounds of CK Sax will be on the stage as well as Calgary rising musician Christian Hudson!

Gail is pleased to announce that Camilla Di Guiseppe will once again join Brad Dryden with Chris Tutty on the stage as our Terrific Trio, to host the eves festivities!

Doors will open at 5PM and all will have a spectacular experience!


With Gail’s experience being an RN, she found a love for body products. She wanted to create organic products for her clients initially, so she started Nicholson Naturals while all doing her full time Nursing and Charity work!

Gail  has been working and teaching the creation of superior body care products for many years. As a nurse She understand the delicate need for natural body care and the balance that nature has to offer. Gail creates body care products with her clients health and well-being in mind, by using natural products and high quality ingredients to promote a luxurious experience. She is trying to promote environmental awareness and respecting the planet.