Brandon Watson, local filmmaker and actor known for Calico, his debut feature film which he produced at the age of 13, has set his sights on the issue of homelessness. At age 12 he was discovered by actor Gary Busey through Twitter, and was thereafter signed by Gary’s manager, Ron Sampson, and Gary’s agent, April Lim of Global Artists Agency. He is in the pre-production stages on No Place Like Home, a TV pilot which will spread awareness of homelessness around the world as well as encourage participation in eradicating this growing problem.

Brandon has been building a team around him in Canada/US in order to put the show together, among whom include: Raliegh Wilson, CEO of Rollywood Studios (US) who has come on board the production as Producer/First AD. Raliegh has over 40 years of experience in the film/TV industry with over 100 titles under his belt. He’s known for Fear the Walking Dead, Thor, Titanic, Spiderman, and many more. Also on his team is Paul Hughes, President of Grow Calgary, Veteran, and candidate for Mayor of Calgary. Paul has emphatically come on board the project, and wants to offer space to help build a prototype “Tiny Home” for the No Place Like Home – Veterans Village project, a planned transitional housing residence in Calgary for our Canadian Veterans and other homeless.

Secured thusfar for the pilot episode: Brandon will be interviewing Ted Clugston, Mayor of Medicine Hat. The city of Medicine Hat implemented a solution to homelessness with the goal to solve the issue by the year 2017. Incredibly, they solved the problem by 2015 and have been homeless-free for two years. Brandon will also be interviewing Jaime Rogers, head of the Medicine Hat Community Housing Society, who originally devised the solution. He’ll be interviewing Kristen Desjarlais as well, PhD researcher in sociology studying health, homelessness, and housing, also located in Medicine Hat. He continues to secure interviews with local doctors/psychologists/psychiatrists.

Brandon has built an official website,, as well as a No Place Like Home app, which is available on the Google Play Store. His goal is to turn No Place Like Home and Veterans Village into a worldwide movement, encouraging people around the world to get involved. He passionately believes that No Place Like Home will leave a lasting impact on its audience, and will help lay the foundation towards eradicating homelessness altogether.

Although the problem of homelessness might seem too overwhelming to tackle, if we work together, I know we can solve it.” – Brandon Watson

In order to make No Place Like Home a reality, Brandon is enthusiastically approaching many individuals seeking sponsorship, endorsement, and/or donation in exchange for a Producer credit. Our current sponsors include The Camera Store, Grow Calgary, Combeau Cuts, AG Creations, Monster Hobbies (High River), and Avatara Pizza.

Our current sponsors include The Camera Store, Grow Calgary, Combeau Cuts, AG Creations, Monster Hobbies (High River), and Avatara Pizza.

Organizations dedicated to helping Veterans afflicted by homelessness across Canada, and help make No Place Like Home a reality.” – Brandon Watson

No Place Like Home’s pilot episode will go into production March 30th, 2017.

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