Some remember faces while others remember names, Katarina Zwierink is a name and face you won’t forget! When this tall, elegant but sexy woman walks into a room everyone stops to stare, for real. It’s a sight to be seen. She’s one of Calgary’s most successful models and event hosts!

Katarina is a local model stationed in Calgary, Alberta however she has been getting many modeling opportunities around the world recently. This beauty is headed to Los Angeles to model in Choco Sparks’ Designs. Katarina proves that it certainly is possible to model without an agency. “I’ve been approached to sign with agencies but I am choosing not to. I believe it is important to be in control of your image and until you find an agent who you can fully trust with your brand. I will continue to do freelance until then! I love developing networks and building a personal relationship with the people I work with,” says Katarina.


Katarina is finishing her degree in Bachelors of Communication with a Major in Public Relations, at Mount Royal University. Katarina says, “Public Relations has given me the foundational knowledge I need to succeed as a model. I love modelling, but I hope to pursue eventually other avenues in the industry.”

Katarina will be hosting a fashion show in Calgary in 2016. She says, “It is still in the embryonic stage, but I want to create a fashion show in Calgary. Last year I was able to be the public relations coordinator for YYC Fashion Week but I want to take it one step further and host my own.”

However, modelling and fashion isn’t the only thing Katarina is passionate about. “I think it’s important to be a well-rounded person. Education is so important to me. I want to finish my degree with an A average and apply for my masters. To me, beauty is more than just the external, it is the internal. I believe things such as compassion, hard work and intelligence are what define the word beautiful. I strive to work on myself internally because it is the only beauty that won’t get old,” she says.


Katarina has achieved Deans Honours Roll in 2014 and 2015 which recognizes her academic excellence. “I love the feeling after I finish a photoshoot but getting a letter for the Deans Honours Roll was more exciting for me. I work really hard in University and in every avenue of my life. I really give 120 percent to the things I am passionate about and it is an indescribable feeling when I receive recognition,” she says.

Katarina always comes model glammed to events but in her heart she is not drawn to the superficial in people. She believes that beauty is subject and that women should never compare themselves to models or other women in a negative way. “I look nothing like my images and most models don’t seem like their image. I am not perfect and I will never be. I think women need to realize that it is important to be the best version of yourself, not the best version a social standard. I will never be the smartest person or the prettiest person but I strive to be the best version of myself” says Katarina.