September 17th, Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium


Obsidian Awards – Sept. 17, 2016.

Motivated by the principal of possibility, the Obsidian Awards holds a vision of a world in which our youth are empowered to realize their potential as global leaders, regardless of their respective circumstances. The overarching objective of the Obsidian Awards is to highlight the outstanding achievements of those who exemplify excellence within Alberta’s diverse cultural sector. Through social events and gatherings, we aim to reconnect generations within Alberta’s diverse community— creating unity and fraternity among each other, and supporting our collective and unified culture’s growth and contributions to society.

Celebrating African, Caribbean and Afro-Canadian Culture and Excellence within Alberta.

tickets available: http://www.ticketmaster.com/2016-Obsidian-Awards-tickets/artist/2259402?tm_link=edp_Artist_Name

The Obsidian Awards are presented by the African, Caribbean and Afro-Canadian Cultural Society of Excellence (ACACSE).

Dating back thousands of years, obsidian has been used in various cultures to create a wide variety of goods such as knife blades, spearheads, mirrors, sculptures, jewelry and even surgical scalpels. The uniqueness of obsidian is a result of its formation: through the rapid cooling of flowing volcanic lava, a strong and beautiful glass-like rock is formed. This rich historical value, and journey of transformation and tenacity, draws many parallels to the odyssey of African, Caribbean and Afro-Canadian people and their respective cultures.

Like the volcanic rock our name is derived from, we represent a community that is unique, diverse, and cutting edge. The transformation of obsidian from a liquid to a solid state is symbolic of the social change that we envision for current and future generations in our province. As a liquid the substance is perilous, but when transformed into a rock the result is a solid entity, birthed from diverse beginnings with the potential for a number of useful purposes.

Since 2013, the Obsidian Awards have highlighted the outstanding achievements of those who exemplify excellence within the Albertan culture sector. We are pleased to honor those who inspire and mentor others to become leaders in their communities and invaluable members of society as a whole.

It will be a wonderful red carpet event which brings many people together of all ethnicities this year.