I’m Here With got to sit down with Tobin Greenberg on one of his rare days off from playing golf. We walked away feeling like we made a brand new friend.

Tobin is the kind of gentleman that is easy to figure out. He’s down-to-earth, his modesty comes through everything he says, right off the bat we were impressed. We first noticed him jumping out of his seat, excited to be a part of the winning project Painkillers. The film won for best dramatic feature at the 41st Annual AMPIA’s in Edmonton, in mid-May. The Alberta Film and Television Awards are run by Alberta’s highest level management in the Alberta entertainment industry and every year it’s more and more glamorous! We were also impressed by Chad Oaks’ wins and speeches this year. We as well got to meet the COWTOWN comedy team, Aaron Bernakevitch winner of Best Cinematographer for a Drama Under 30 mins and Michelle Thrush of Black Stone!

Tobin was a part of all that excitement and we were lucky enough to run into him at a private party after the event! Tobin has never accepted an interview before but we talked him into to it. Tobin had a hand in Painkillers from the beginning, a year and a half ago when pre-production started. The feature was written by Jason Groce and Kirk Roos, directed by Peter Winther, while Tobin’s buddy had introduced him to the project. Tobin put it as, he’s the finance guy – an investor and helped introduce other people to the production side. The project filmed for 10 days, shot in Calgary, Drumheller and L.A. “We all worked very long hours each day, due to the short shooting days we had to finish, but we survived, I love this team and feel like we did a great job together, I can’t wait to do another,” shares Tobin. He’s also had his own IT business for years – he’s slowing down from that and is transitioning to film producing. He’s the behind-the-camera type, he explains. Tobin is a recreational golfer, that’s the main thing he loves to do when he’s not working. Tobin has many friends that he visits and plays on the course with at least three days out of the week. We had never sat down with anyone on the financial side of a film project, this is quite a different interview from the others. Although, he shared a little insight to how it all works and we were still confused by the end, it is quite the process! “Making a film is really expensive,” admits Tobin. It seems somehow his golf swing, experience in business, and general charisma make the work he does come naturally to him.

Painkillers is an Action-Thriller (with a sci-fi twist) about the psychological horrors experienced by war veterans. It follows a mercenary group that is sent into Afghanistan to capture a long, sought-after treasure. They suddenly land in a mental asylum with no memory of what happened, where they are, or who they are. Fed a mysterious medication to help them trigger their memories, a secret comes to light, just before they’re all sentenced to death. Painkillers stars Colm Feore, Tahmoh Penikett, and Lesley-Ann Brandt. Many other Canadian talent was a part of the cast, as well a few Calgary talent is seen!

Tobin Greenberg is a down-to-earth guy who helps projects move forward. Without people like him, there would be less opportunities for influencing and helping Alberta film grow! Again, the show Painkillers is on Super Channel, it runs till June, 14th, 2015, check your local listings!

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Next Year the AMPIA’s are in Calgary!