Just when most people are thinking of retiring, Roger Grubbs decided to put his writing skills in high gear.  At age sixty he wrote and released his first novel.  Eight years later he published number sixty-one and, yes, you read that right:  sixty-one full length novels.  However, he never sacrifices quality for the sake of speed.  He wrote “The Mystery of the Mummy” in only six days, which is book number three in his best selling Adventure Series.  Amazingly, this novel received “Top Pick” for suspense fans at Midwest Book Review, and continues to be a favorite among his readers.


Being a prolific novelist is only one of his many skills.  Having been a full time writer at his own company, Market Consultants, for thirty-seven years prepared Roger for an exciting career as a novelist.  Further adding to his resume he recently became an accomplished screenwriter, adding yet another element in his quest to become a notable Hollywood figure.

Using his vast list of best sellers, Roger decided to take on the daunting task of adapting them to film, insuring nothing would be lost in the process.  Of the fourty-one screenplays he has written thus far, five have already been selected by producers for movies, with the first one slated to begin filming during the summer of 2017.

With a very competent producer/director already in place, Roger’s script for Agent M will bring a whole new dimension to the big screen.  Agent M will entertain movie goers with its main focus being on the leading lady (cast to be announced).  Recognized as the top agent for the secret service in the UK, Agent M will thrill the audience with her wit, quick thinking under pressure and, of course, her sexy side.

The theme throughout the entire series is this:  Sometimes there is no justice, and then there is Agent M.  Taking on high profile criminals is not an easy task, but this well-trained assassin gets the job done.  Producing and directing the film is the incredible Tom Bennett.  A brilliant young man, both on the set and behind the camera, makes Tom the perfect choice to produce the first movie in the exciting Agent M series.

Among Roger’s many other projects featuring strong female characters in leading roles are:  The Secret Files, In Love and in Danger, Over the Edge, and The Lady SEAL.  Roger’s very popular SEALs series is centered on human trafficking which is considered the fastest growing crime in the world.  This series also features the very first woman to be allowed into the highly regarded SEALs organization.  At the time Roger wrote these stories, allowing women into their number was only talked about.  Six years later it’s becoming a reality.

Currently Roger is searching for just the right producer/director to bring the action alive from these best selling SEALs novels in this series of eight stories.  Two of the screenplays have already been written with plans to finish the others within the next twelve months.

Recently Roger was asked to write a story featuring an up and coming country singer, Kate McRae.  Within twenty-nine days, the first copy of the paperback was rolling off the presses and ready to ship.  During that time Roger also wrote the screenplay for the upcoming movie starring the beautiful and talented country singer Kate McRae.

In order to make this story interesting for movie goers, Roger created a fictitious character, Valerie Stevens, while receiving his inspiration from Kate and her many accomplishments.  The script is already in the hands of several producers, but Roger is weighing all aspects involved before choosing the perfect person to handle this exciting project.  Considering all important qualifications, he prefers to have a producer that is familiar with both movie production and the music industry.  He feels this is exceptionally important since many of Kate’s songs are to be featured in the film and will no doubt lead to a bestselling soundtrack.  The theme behind this murder mystery is this:  Mess with this country girl, and you are playing with fire.


Another series that is attracting Hollywood producers is based upon a fantasy character known as the Phantom.  This mysterious individual is a former CIA agent who is determined to avenge his family’s gruesome murders.  In doing so, he becomes the target of an FBI investigation.  Yet, nobody is able to solve the mystery behind his identity.  Tasked with the job of bringing the Phantom in for questioning is a beautiful rookie agent.  However, she soon learns the man in black is as elusive as the ghost his name implies.


One final series we would be amiss in not mentioning in further detail is the Adventure Series consisting of twelve unique stories so far with more planned in the future.  During these adventures, Dr. Andrew Rogers leads a number of expeditions on exciting journeys to uncover the mysteries of the past.  Some of those mysteries carry us back in time some 5000 years.  To recreate these stories, Roger has done extensive research.  This, along with the fact he is a notable bible scholar, has been very beneficial in making these adventures lifelike and authentic.

The eleventh book in the Adventure Series was inspired by a well-known archeologist, who happens to be a very good friend and one that loves to read this series.  For those who are intrigued, she is portrayed as Alexandria in this story and fittingly, The Secret Chamber was dedicated to her.  All twelve books in this series have already been adapted to script and are ready for filming.

So what’s next on the agenda for this prolific novelist/screenwriter?  At the moment that is a highly guarded secret, but you can count on more bestselling novels being adapted to script.  Since he enjoys creating new stories, developing compelling characters, and writing script for the movies, there is a good possibility of seeing many of these projects hitting the big screen at the same time.  If pressed for an answer, Roger is quick to say “that would be a dream come true.”


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