Ryan Sebastian of Sons of Fenrir

Ryan is a 21 year old living in Calgary, Alberta. He has been performing in live steel reenacting since he was 15 years of age and it has become an important part of Ryan’s life.
“I had a struggle with my childhood and family life, joining the Sons of Fenrir did not just allow me to learn how to act and fight, it also taught me how to mature myself, it also taught me very valuable life skills including leadership and public speaking,” says Ryan.
“Over the course of these 5 years I have been given the opportunity to meet people I would have never thought I would, and perform at places like the Calgary comic entertainment expo, military museums, and in theaters for the Vizard team,” shares Ryan.
One of the most important reasons Ryan does this all is because of the fans/audience,
 the smiles and laughter along with the cheering and clapping. It has brought him a great amount of confidence seeing the amount of positivity we put forth and nurture.
Captain of the Guard 2016
Sons of Fenrir