This past year, Saleste Mele has thrown her heart and soul into a number of film and music projects out of Calgary, AB. A passion project of hers includes a collaboration with her husband, a prolific musician. They are currently working on a melodic album, with a subtle message that speaks to your soul. She describes their collaboration as ‘tuning into spirit.’ As he explores a melody, lyrics come to her and something beautiful is born. Saleste will be producing an album this fall with the goal to drop in 2018. She is currently in negotiations with a production company to place one of their songs in an upcoming feature film!

A lot of Saleste’s time has been dedicated to writing, not only lyrics but a TV series and a futuristic thriller feature film. The inspiration for both of these projects stem from her background of growing up overseas on a military base and her life long journey of exploration into the yogic philosophy. Saleste is a firm believer that when the timing is right the Universe will provide the producing partners and stellar crew needed to bring these projects to fruition. Until then, she writes for spirit, continually expanding and refining the story and characters. She’s excited about these projects and the roles she has in mind for herself whilst delivering an inspiring message for humanity.

‘Story’ matters greatly to Saleste and she does not accept every role that comes her way. She recently turned down a recurring lead role in a feature film and as she shut that door, two other doors opened. One in South Africa and one in Australia. Saleste is now in the midst of securing a long term collaboration deal on multiple international projects, as well as booking a lead role in a South African shot feature film.

Saleste’s production company, ‘Pervasive Pictures’, will also be producing a supernatural thriller with Jewelle Colwell’s ‘SkyeLove Pictures’. Uniting with Jewelle was an easy decision, as her drive is infectious and the two together make for an unbeatable team.
Saleste looks forward to the journey ahead and the amazing opportunities that are on the horizon.
Photos by Jewelle Colwell