Shauna Walker has been an avid spa lover since she could remember. It’s what inspired her to create her own and she called it the The Spa Ritual. She is a sweet soul and very passionate about the guest’s experience and is an advocate for a healthy lifestyle. The Spa Ritual, a quality day spa located in NW Calgary.

The culmination of Shauna’s vision to create a refined spa experience, was inspired by the gracious hospitality she experienced during her travels to South East Asia. Shauna has instilled her passions into her creation, carefully cultivating The Spa Ritual program. It honors and respects each Guest, inviting him or her on a person path to rejuvenation.

As Spa Director of The Spa Ritual, Shauna mentors and inspires her team of professionals to make a difference in the lives of each guest, – by planting a tiny seed of self-rejuvenation as the cornerstone to wellness during every spa experience. Following lessons learned from her own life experiences. Shauna deeply believes in the vital need of “taking time out” to reset and renew the process of our bodies and minds.

What speaks to you about the Women of Inspiration celebration you were a part of in Oct. 2016?

“To see the heart felt desire to work with women, and provide a support system which they may never have had before. This is often the first step needed to begin the healing journey, to be included and to have a safe place to belong,” shares Shauna. 

What is your advise for Female Entrepreneurs?

“The most important advice I can give is take time for yourself to be still and dig deep into your vision and stay true to you.  You can do anything you want to do with hard work and determination. Be flexible with change, don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t be afraid to ask for help,” shares Shauna. 

“Everything starts from the top in every area of life. You must have a spirit of excellence and that must filter down to your employees. You’re only as good as the people you hire. The sky is the limit,” shares Shauna.

What is a woman of inspiration to you?

“It is someone who can embrace her own life journey and be authentic to herself. A women who empowers others to be vulnerable with themselves so they can remember who they are, and emerge knowing how strong they can become, with love and support,” says Shauna.

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them,” Maya Angelou.
Photos by Toni Nicole Photography