Jeni Cousins is an Internationally known clairvoyant, esoteric teacher, medium, past life reader, intuitive life coach & animal communicator & clears out unwanted spirits in your business or environment. She also holds her level one energy healing certificate & is a known healer in many ways. Jeni works with children & others to bring out their own abilities in a profound way. She hosts & produces a live weekly TV show on Shaw TV on the Access Network Channel 10 in Calgary at 6:30 PM MTN since 2013 called “Soul Work “ & interviews guests then takes calls from the viewers. She has a passion for filming what is true to her heart & soul & is currently working on other media productions soon to be announced. She has done varies radio shows, last one was being interviewed with host Jeff Richards from the paranormal show The Other Side on the APTN Network. He interviewed Jeni on his radio show on CJME.COM News Talk Radio 980/Podcast on March 6 2016.

“The work I do is channeled & brought forth from the Christ consciousness energy with unconditional love & compassion without any judgement as we all have our own journey to go through.I started having visions when I was 4 years old and thought that everyone could see what I saw until I learned differently. I started my esoteric metaphysical studying at the age of 14 years and finally came to terms with Who I Am and what my destiny is here on earth this life time after many years of soul searching & doing the work from within my soul. I meditate every day & also do chanting to keep myself balanced & grounded with source. That is why I call my TV show “Soul Work” and also my website soulworkwithjeni as the true work is done from within. You need to hear your inner guru speak. It took many challenging painful years of clearing past life karmic issues to move forward with a better understanding of why things were happening the way they did. Even today when I am in need of guidance, I ask spirit for help & surrender to my higher self & very open to what they show me etc.Spirit has shown me bits & pieces of my future for a few years now and so far what they have shown me has happened or currently happening. I am extremely grateful & truly blessed for having the gifts I have to be able to share with others & to teach them how they can make the changes they truly need to make from their soul. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Be open for change & surrender,” shares Jeni.