The Stardale Women’s Group hosted a fashion show, on Friday May 12, 2017 at Calgary’s Spolumbo’s Fine Food & Deli.

The goal of Stardale is to introduce an educational footprint for Aboriginal girls in Calgary and area, that incorporates a prevention model of life skills and literacy which builds upon creative outward expression in artistic theatre to address abuse, toxic stress and violence. Please

Stardale has twenty years of experience working specifically in the areas of violence and abuse prevention with Aboriginal women and girls. In the past ten years in Calgary and area, Stardale has offered a holistic program Model and positively impacted the lives 486 Aboriginal girls who are at –risk for experiencing violence, sexual exploitation and other destructive behaviors in their lives. Our target age is 10 -17 years and whose families are financially vulnerable.

Special guests were, Oscar Lopez who entertained the crowd with his latin live music. Dj Armin Hammer performed along with, comedians Adora Nwofor, Kris LeBelle  & his son Dominic LeBelle opened for Kris, who is North America’s Youngest Comedian. Camilla Di Giuseppe of CTV was the gorgeous host of the evening!

The fashion show will showcase our girls from Stardale and the clothing from Kimberlie Stern at APT22.

Event photos by Lorne Coultman

Camilla Di Giuseppe of CTV was the gorgeous host of the evening!





All proceeds from the evening went towards the Stardale Charity.





Tony Spolintini from Spolumbo’s and his great staff were a huge support. They covered all the costs of food,  beverages, their amazing venue and he paid for Good Time Party Rentals.

A note from the organizer Michella DeVille
We had so many wonderful volunteers come help out,  Christina Slack manned the front door, Cynthia Chau-Hoang. Michella DeVille’s daughter Kianna and her best friend Cassie sold drink tickets.

Hal Eagle Tail brought our closing dancers from Tsuu T’ina Nation and did a fabulous job, who knew he was so funny. Alana Many Bears brought in her nieces to do the first dance, they were so amazing! Kris LaBelle and his son Dominic are great comics on the mic! Adora Nwofor is also a comedian and motivational speaker, she volunteered her time. Oscar Lopez was fantastic, we couldn’t have had a better team.

The Stardale girls and I worked so hard together on the fashion show. They grew so fast over the coarse of three months to prepare for the catwalk. Their confidence grew from being terrified, having anxiety, shed a few tears and by the time I was done working with them, they were laughing, holding their heads high and were absolutely confident and fearless walking that runway!! I’m so so proud of them!

There are just soooo many people that need recognition for all their hard work! Our silent auction crew, Lou Winthers, did such a great job!

Tang Lee, Helen McPhaden and Aimee Alyssa Marie Maerz.

On Friday June 9, the Stardale Women’s Group accepted recognition for 20 years of designing and offering programming initiatives for Aboriginal women and girls. Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, Lois Mitchell, the honorary patron of Prairie Action Foundation: Supporting Solutions to Violence and Abuse, presented Stardale with the Youth Leadership Award, which comes with a cheque and certificate for the work they have achieved.

Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Lois Mitchell with Stardale group.
(Photo courtesy of Stardale.)

A special thanks to Michella Klyne and Helen McPhaden, Nico Bacigalupo and all the volunteers.  Frenzy Fredie Hamdan at KG Productions & Films amazing job creating the event video.

Event photos by Lorne Coultman