Jaimie Stewart is the founder of Beautiful World Media, a company he created with the simple goal of building an outlet where people could experience beautiful visuals accompanied by rich music. These films speak of a passion, purpose and all
things good. Jaimie is a filmmaker that is dedicated and has always leaned toward sharing with the world uplifting and inspiring media content. He began his career producing music, starting with his first original electronic song winning him the 2011 National Roland Synth Contest. Since then, Jaimie has been called to produce a diverse range of music, from Mandarin pop albums to Indian feature film scores as well as everything in between.
He passionately produces beautiful original music for every film he creates. Jaimie has developed various ongoing film projects including a short documentary series called, “People In Passion”, which focuses on showcasing inspiring people doing what they love. Many of his films are beginning to be recognized at various news outlets and film festivals including the Calgary International Film Festival in his home town. This purpose driven artist carefully constructs his own unique feeling with each and every new project. When he isn’t working diligently on music or film projects he spends time learning new languages such as Arabic and Hindi.

Jaimie Stewart – Founder 2014 in Calgary, AB – Beautiful World Media


To be the source of a deeper and more purposeful influence in the world through media.

Beautiful World Media Inc. was founded by Jaimie Stewart with the simple goal of building a place where people come to see and feel all things good. Accomplished through the work we create and the relationships made along the way.

The passion here is to share the beauty of a world full of innovation and purpose.

Based out of Calgary, Canada, he loves to work on projects in all areas of the world.  It is always exciting to hear about new projects with new ideas that we can help bring to fruition.  We love what we do and want to share that passion with the rest of the world.