Our film Critic shares his list of the Best and Worst Films he saw in 2016!

Best Movies of 2016

 By The Phantom Critic

I have not seen every single movie of 2016, but I have seen more than 30. I mostly saw movies in the big-chain theatres, but not all. These are all my opinions and do not represent anyone except me. Here’s my list of top 5 movies of 2016 rated on which ones I’d likely see multiple times in a short time-span.

#5, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I knew exactly what kind of movie I was walking into ever since I saw the first official trailer when the first director was directing. I was watching the media on this developing film and heard the first director quit and they did many much reshooting in the summer, the trailers after Official Trailer #1 result from this change. Basically the movie lost gloom and gained hope, but it still didn’t have fun or a satisfying feel at the end of it all. This is the single best version of a movie where a-band-of-misfits-tries-to-stick-it-to-theman that I can think of, and the effects are amazing. Check this out if you have never heard of Operation Skyhook or the many books and games that covered the event of the Rebels stealing the Death Star Plans. Rest in Peace Carrie Fisher.

#4, Deadpool. I like the comedy and action scenes in this movie, a lot. There’s just enough going on in the background that it is worth seeing a second time. Though I admit, on a third watching I did skip past all the origin stuff. I want to see Deadpool the super-vigilante wear a costume and act like the comic character he is based off of. This project was spearheaded by Ryan Reynolds against the protesting of Fox, and it paid off big-time and was one of Fox’s most successful and most popular movies this year. Also they made the side characters great, even though they weren’t on-screen much. This is a good fun action movie with an R rating and it knows how to use it and when to hold back.

#3, Star Trek Beyond. I don’t know why this movie was so unloved in the summer when it came out. This was a Star Trek movie. This is way better than the last two Star Trek movies. All the crew are doing their jobs and personalities correctly, the spaceships are awesome, the aliens are interesting, and the situations are dealt with using intelligence and creativity. I get that science fiction is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are going to see one, then see Guardians of the Galaxy, and then see this movie.

#2, Captain America: Civil War. This is flat out the best Superhero Genre movie since Marvel’s The Avengers. It has super characters doing lots of super action. Unfortunately the plot is weak in a few key areas because this movie version went way off from the comics which it was based. But still, because they built it into the earlier movies that the two main characters never liked each other, this feels like significant hatred and significant stakes. This didn’t need to exist, but it blows other similar movies like Batman v Superman out of the water.

#1, the best movie of 2016 is, Moana. Unlike Rogue One which is also owned and made by Disney, this is a movie with hope + fun + a good ending. This is an extremely charming movie and everything in it makes sense. I also love Disney’s ability to tell the audience everything they need to know about a character with a song while that character is doing things and singing. Specifically, I love The Rock’s character’s big song in the middle of the movie. I’ve seen Pixar do a lot of amazing things but this brings back the feels from when Disney was the best at animated story-telling, yes I realize Disney bought Pixar some time ago. Like Inside Out, I feel like they could do a lot more with this property that just one amazing movie and I want them to do it.

Thanks for reading and I hope you check out some of those movies soon if you haven’t seen these then I highly recommend them. But, if you didn’t like those then I’d also like to recommend Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Finding Dory, The Northlander and Doctor Strange.

Worst Movies of 2016 By The Phantom Critic

This year had a wide range for movies. Some films made me feel emotions; others made me feel only hatred at myself for spending my money and time on them. The following list of movies is the top 5 Worst Movies of 2016 in the opinion of The Phantom Critic. I have not seen literally every movie ever so there may be some gaps, but I did see over 30 movies. The closer to the worst movie it is, the less redeemable features are in it.

#5, Assassin’s Creed. I wanted this video game movie to succeed, I really did. But apparently Warcraft from this year holds the title for least disliked movie based on a video game. This movie suffered from trying to do too many separate things at the same time that don’t really help each other. It was totally awesome to see a human assassin in Spain try to rescue a kid and kill everyone in his way. It was interesting that the ghost of that Spanish assassin teaching his modern descendant how to kill. Everything else didn’t really work. The fans of the game liked the movie but it changed some things from the game, and regular people thought it was too weird. But what really killed this movie was not doing an R rating, I can easily go on Youtube and see an Assassin’s Creed Assassin break a skull or stab an artery and have blood everywhere, but the movie had zero blood to the point you weren’t sure at the end if prisoners were being stunned with electricity or stabbed with knives. I like Micheal Fassbender, but I don’t think this movie helped his career.

#4, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is a very complex movie to talk about, on the one hand it had a lot of its material cut out to go down from a R rating which not many kids would have seen in the theatres. But on the other hand, this was a very mixed and contrived movie and I don’t think anyone knew who they were trying to really target. In the theatrical version, the plot does not make sense and it is long. In the Director’s version for home, the plot makes slightly more sense and it is way too long. This needed to be fixed at a writing level, I’ve seen World’s Finest, and the movie did everything this movie did and with more characters and better in less time. None of the motivations made any real sense. The only way the plot makes sense is if miscast bad guy Lex Luther wanted Superman Dead + Luther already knew Superman was Clark Kent + Luther already knew all about all of Superman’s powers and weaknesses; by the time Lex Luther knows all this he can easily murder Superman in his sleep but instead wants to threaten an African woman to lie to the Supreme Court so the Supreme Court blows up around Superman while Superman is unscathed? This was a mess, and with a shred of knowing comics I think they used up too many of their good stories at this time. Spoiler but not really spoiler, Superman is in a healing coma and even when he looks dead he will just wake up later when the next sequel calls out for the hero it deserves.

#3, Hail, Ceaser! This was an incoherent mess that had no main character with a main mission. I went though why it was bad in the Summer Version of the 2016 list so instead I will now spoil the plot so you can avoid it or at least know what you are getting into. George Clooney is playing an actor who gets kidnapped by Hollywood-Communist-Writers unless they receive money to give to their leader who is an actor-character played by Channing Tatum so that Tatum’s character can defect to USSR in style, but George Clooney’s character is saved by Alden Ehrenreich’s toothless cowboy actor character, and the rest of the communists get arrested. Now while that’s all going on, the studio boss played by Josh Brolin is praying at Catholic Church, being unpleasant to his wife, dealing with two different media agents who are twins, helping an actress give up her baby for adoption only so she can adopt it and look like a hero, and more. This script was not a good idea. This movie is down-right bizarre in an unpleasant way.

#2, La La Land. This movie is everything that’s wrong in most modern video games, it has no reason to exist and blows its load early so there’s nothing good left by the halfway point. The first five minutes are incredible as an L.A. Traffic Jam goes from normal to one lady singing to everyone singing or dancing or playing a huge instrument and then suddenly it’s all done and everyone is back in their cars like it never happened, and all with pretty much one continuous camera angle that just keeps going. But the rest of the movie you will be expecting something at least as good at the opening, instead you get a crappy romantic comedy that ends with the main woman and the main man both being unhappy. Also this was side-characters in the style of paint by-numbers, the main women lived with a roommate who was always snacking on something as her one character trait, and this roommate never looked like she was enjoying eating her product placement. I felt bad after seeing this movie.

#1, the worst movie of 2016 is, X-Men: Apocalypse. I love X-Men: Days of Future Past, amazing things happened, Wolverine was saved, and the future presented to us in the first three X-Men movies was changed into a different and good future. Then Bryan Singer got his director’s claws into this movie and literally undid all the good X-Men days of future past did, also through some bad story and bad costume choice the movie was a total failure, and even worse if you knew the main bad guy Apocalypse from the comics or cartoons. Bryan Singer also continues to spit on the character known as The Phoenix. Anyway, the bad guy was not physically imposing, not overtly dangerous, and after he makes the world’s nuclear warheads armed he doesn’t directly kill any of the humans he hates. This wouldn’t have been so bad if the action wasn’t suddenly stopped so we could see Wolverine not be saved and have to murder his way out of an experimental laboratory but without the R rating for blood. They didn’t even devote 10 minutes to how the bad guy became the bad guy. The best scenes in this movie belong to Micheal Fassbender, and you can tell he should be doing better things. Not only was this a disappointment but it screwed up everything the last movie just did right. 2016, was a year of great highs and extreme lows.

*Just remember these are ultimately recommendations based on my opinions for movies I actually saw.

Keep watching movies and always have your opinion. Tell us what you think!