The inaugural 420 Music & Arts Festival is a three day celebration featuring 22 Stoner Rock, Desert Rock, Doom, Sludge Metal and Fuzzy, Kick Ass Rock n Roll bands surrounding the culture that is 420.  It is presented by Big Rock in conjunction with METALHEADS UNITED and takes place in Calgary, AB on April 20, 21 and 22, 2017.

This year’s festival takes place at Distortion Live Music Venue in Calgary at 3828 MacLeod Trail, South.  On 4/20 (April 20th), doors open at 4pm with bands beginning at 7, with Black Mastiff headlining.  April 21 & 22 doors are at 6 bands at 7 with Anciients & Wo Fat headlining each night.  The 420 Expo is free to the public and is Saturday, April 22nd.  The Expo will showcase an eclectic collection of artists, exhibitors, activists and other 420 enthusiasts from 10am-4pm.  Also to note is the 420 Free Show/Pre-Party April 19th where you can check out some great live music, avoid the lineup and get your festival wristbands a day early and check out the vendors & band merch ahead of the crowds.

The overall philosophy of the festival – beyond the simple love of the genre of the music coined “Stoner Rock” by the mass media – was to begin to bring about a change in the negative stereotypes that have existed forever involving anything Marijuana or Cannabis related.   Be it something fun and light like “everybody who listens to Stoner Rock is a Stoner” to the stigma that those that seek Medical Cannabis as a natural and alternative health treatment are doing so simply “to score” or being involved in the recreational side of 420 Culture, it doesn’t mean you cannot also be a productive member of society as well or whatever else you want to be.

Info, tickets and passes are available on the official Festival website  Passes and tickets are also available at Distortion & Sloth Records in Calgary and at The Soundhouse in Red Deer.  You can find the Festival on Facebook and Instagram at 420 Music And Arts Festival and on Twitter @420Festival YYC with the official hashtag #420FestivalYYC on all social media.
By Patrick Saulnier