Jenna Kuhlen has over 25 years experience helping people, develop, and enhance their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual potential and balance.

Jenna is a certified personal trainer, holistic nutritionist, medical aesthetician, aesthetics and laser instructor and master clinical hypnotherapist. She is also a model and is working on a life changing book, and contributes a lot of her skin and body to the healthy lifestyle she leads. All her adult life she has been devoted to the betterment of wellness; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Always being a sensitive soul she has received many accolades and trials for being exceptionally intuitive. She however doesn’t express that side of her blatantly yet it tends to be extremely important in all she does when working in the business world.

Jenna believes in always empowering and creating positive change with awareness, education and choice. Her personal story is not one of ease however it is certainly one with possibility and hope intertwined within all layers of her experiences, her trials and tribulations. She believes an individual’s strength isn’t something you are born with, it is something you develop from deep within your being and it is something to be honed, honoured and revered.

Believing this she created The Wellness Body & Spa to become the premier healing hub in Calgary,  AB offering multiple modalities for healing from the inside out. Everything from mental health support to proper nutritional healing to phenomenal skin resetting treatments to therapeutic massage sessions are offered all in one location.

Jenna and her team are offering a special contest for a lucky customer. Details in her video is coming soon.

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