We first noticed Tim Perez in The Red Road with Jason Mamoa, a year ago on Netflix! He certainly looks super tough, we were a little scared at first (jk) but then learned he is a friendly Pilot by trade turned Actor in many big shows! He plays a lot of intense and serious characters he can do it all though. Check his Q and A out to learn more and go check him out on Netflix.
On set with Jason Momoa on The Red Road.
1. When did you start acting, and how did you get into it.
I started out as background in 2009. My first project was a Lifetime movie called The Wronged Man. In it, I was a prisoner. From there I kept getting jobs as background as prisoner and toughguy. Which is how I came by the name the Atlanta Toughguy!
2. Projects you have been a part of, most notable?
The roles that got me the most “notoriety” would be my role as JESUS on Sleepy Hollow and as Charlie Meer on The Red Road . I’ve been in many popular projects such as Necessary Roughness, Brooklyn Nine Nine, The Do Over, Complications, and more.
  1. Tell us about your Aviation/Pilot career?

I took my first flight lesson at 40 years of age and have been flying professionally now for 17 years! I’m also a flight instructor in single engine and multi engine airplanes, instrument instructor and helicopters. The most notable aircraft I fly are Learje’s.

  1. Tell us a life or death situation you have lived?

Wow..! I’ve had so many! The most memorable would be the time that I got tangled up in my main parachute on a skydive. I got untangled and my reserve deployed with seconds to spare. Just in time to unstow my brakes and turn away from the trees.

5. What characters do you enjoy to play most?

Awww, good question! While I do enjoy playing in a wide variety of roles, I tend to gravitate to the “darker” characters since they can be fun to play with no preconceived “model” to follow. In other words, if I play a crazed kind of guy, then there is no mold to have to follow and I can create a one of a kind crazy dude.

6. What do you have coming up?

I have a scene with Adam Sandler in “The Do Over” on Netflix and five episodes as FBI Agent Schlag on POWERS on the Play station channel airing now.

7. Where can we find you on social media?