UMA JAMA is Back in Calgary, and has her own play coming up in November!

Uma Jama was striking at this years Calgary Film Festival for 12 days, she made it out to a handful and walked to red carpet! Her style this year was long sexy dresses!


CIFF Opening Gala Maudie Film, Uma got a shot with Kari Matchett one of the stars of the brilliant movie.



The Canadian – Somali, Halle Berry look-alike, Uma Jama had her first professional acting opportunity at 19 years old. She was cast in an Independent film called “Christopher” by Canadian Director Daniel Cardinal. “I never thought I would be an actor or be in the arts; growing up I always thought I would be a teacher but I fell in love with acting and my life has never been the same ever since! It is an extremely challenging career with so many ups and downs but once you book that role it is incredible. I love the challenge of each role, each new character excites me. I’m always excited about different scripts and having to bring different characters to life. My goal and dream has always been to work consistently and in a lead role in both film and television. Uma wants to be in Movies and have my own T.V Series”, shares Uma.

Currently Uma is working on a Play she wrote called “Amus” which focuses on the killings of young Somali men in Alberta. It is estimated that since 2005 over a 100 young Somali men have been victims of gun violence and many of these cases still remain unsolved by police. Uma hope to raise awareness on the realities of Canadian Somali Youth and shed light on how these tragedies came about. Uma just finished her script for her Play, “Amus”. Uma can be seen in roles on Netflix in Bates Motel, Arrow, Girl Friend’s Guide to Divorce and many more.


Poster by Brianna D. Smith.

AMUS – Play is Nov. 12th! The project is rumored to be a movie after…!

Alberta murders and a, “don’t rat” policy, forces 6 young Somalis to make decisions that will alter their lives forever. What do you do when your whole life you’ve been taught to keep silent?

AMUS Premieres as a play on November 12th at the John Dutton Theatre in the Calgary public Library.

Uma played Naomee one of the girls as the Model in Go Fish season one on Amazon Prime.


Cover Photo by Vancouver Artist Gunnar Xavier.