Uma Jama, just the name is intriguing. This Vancouver Actress is one a of kind. Her beauty alone makes people look twice. She’s a Halle Berry look a-like and is one of the only Somali Actresses out there. She was raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She sparkles on-screen and is unforgettable. Her many different looks she pulls off are always watched as she hits the red carpet. Uma Jama has been an actress for a decade and has been on Bates Motel, Arrow, Girl Friend’s Guide to Divorce and Go Fish, and does public speaking for Spoken Word.


A Celebrity Q & A with Uma Jama
Q: How did you first get in to the entertainment industry?

I was in my final year of High School when one of my teacher’s came to me as I was running late for English class haha, and said that I should become an actor! She said I had a natural talent and that I would be a good performer, I was shocked! I knew I loved drama class in High school but I had only ever been in one school play as a child so I don’t know what made her think that way but I listened. My first opportunity came when I was in second year of University and I was cast in an Independent film called “Christopher” by Canadian Director Daniel Cardinal.

Q:What were your first roles?

My first role was as a “Street kid; a troubled young girl who made her living through questionable methods if you catch my drift, in the film “Christopher”. My Second role was a lead role in another Independent film called “Devil’s Candy” Which was written and Directed by Canadian Film Maker Tasha Waldron. I played a drug addict named “Seleisha”.

Q: What do you like about acting the most I love the challenge of each role?

Each new character excites me; I’m always excited about different scripts and having to bring different characters to life.


 Q: What do you dislike about entertainment? 

At this point I can’t think of anything, but ask me again in a few years!

Q: Who is your team in your career?

My team is myself and my Agent! But I do have WONDERFUL friends and family who keep me going!

Q: Who would you want to work with?

Oh Boy! I have quite a few people but as far as actors go this is the top of my list is: Denzel Washington, Sandra Bullock, Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Redford and Shah Rukh Khan. My Top Directors are: Steven Spielberg, James Cameron who by the way is Canadian! Martin Scorsese,Tyler Perry and Ben Affleck. I’m a HUGE FAN of Ben, as you can tell!

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years. 

Working consistently in a lead role in both film and television. I want to be in Movies and have my own T.V Series.

Q: What are your personal goals?

My career is always my personal goal and will always be, however I would also like to be in love and married one day.


Q: Have you ever not got a role because of your beauty?

No one has ever said it, or will ever say it, but sometimes it is possible to be too “pretty” for a role or not pretty enough. Directors, producers, and the network look for certain physical characteristics that fit the role. We are just lucky if it fits.

Q: What characters do you like to play?

I love exploring! I love to see my range and what I’m capable of so I love all sorts of different characters, from shy to plain crazy; as long as there is substance I’m open to variety of roles, and bringing to life each character.

Q: Who are you represented by?

I am represented by Maijah Lewk Agency.

Q: How do you feel being a woman of ethnicity in the film industry?

Well, The film industry is very competitive and challenging for any actor, but it is more difficult for people of color and visible minorities. It is well known in the industry that there aren’t enough roles available for people of colour; however, it is getting better and better. I find that my challenge/struggle is always greater than average as I come from a Somali background. Acting and Show business is not exactly the most accepted or ideal profession for a female but I was never one to be confined to social norms and expectations. I believe in myself and I have a great group of people around me who keep me going so I face head on with everything thrown at me. I believe we all have a choice: we can either give up or break through the barriers. With prayer and persistence, there is no challenge too great and nothing is impossible.


Q: What are your social media outlets your fans can follow you on?

I shouldn’t say this, but I’m not big on Social Media! I know as an Actor It is important but I just can’t handle much of what goes on. I used to be on Facebook, and I think I still have a twitter account which I think is @uma04, but the ONLY social media page that I am active on is Instagram. You can search me as UMA JAMA.

Uma is now back in Calgary since April 2016!