Tthe VIP Invite -No Cover -Storefront School Charity RoundUp ft: Bobby Soul event touches down here for Calgary Stampede tonight, at Sub Rosa, Calgary. It’s in support of the super amazing cause of STOREFRONT SCHOOL in honor of Jeremy Snyder who passed away. Let’s make his dream of creating this educational opportunity for those in need, a reality!

Storefront School in association with CCS Designs International Inc., Madflower Creative Group, Sonar Media & Orien Events presents the STOREFRONT SCHOOL CHARITY ROUNDUP (Calgary Stampede Week) Thursday. July 13th @ Sub Rosa (200 8th Avenue)

Red Carpet (with media interviews) starts at 7:00pm on 8th Avenue

* Fashion Showcase by local boutique
* Music Showcase featuring: Bobby Soul, JOEOUI & more special guests
* Global DJ Competition Launch
* Silent Auction
* Local Artist Showcase


Many years ago Jeremy Snyder, like so many other teens, felt ill-fitted for traditional schooling and was kicked out of Strathmore High School.

His teacher, Denise Peterson, who had become a single mom at a young age herself, identified that the risks of her students were very real. She helped guide what would become the Storefront School project, with the help of grants from Alberta Education and became established what is now known as the Storefront School in Strathmore.

The term “Storefront” was coined from the locations where the kids typically loitered instead of being in regular classes and its first classroom was an upstairs loft of a commercial operation.

Now with a fixed address at 688 Westchester Road, the school has helped nearly a thousand high school students over the past two decades, who once struggled to fit into the regular educational system and are contending with other life challenges. They now can graduate from high school, and position themselves with confidence in life, to find their own unique way into the world.
More than half who complete the program advance to post-secondary institutions.

Jeremy Snyder surrendered to his struggles when he passed away in 2000, but his scholarship fund continues to bring hopes of survival. Donations from local businesses and generous citizens have nurtured the success of this necessary program to date, and with continued Jeremy’s tradition of hope for young people will live on.

Nico Bacigalupo we thank you for bringing this event to our attention!