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Leslie Kraatz has been making her mark in the Calgary business world since 2008. Born and raised in Calgary, Leslie purchased Federal Metals Inc. with her business partner Dan Klufas and has been running it successfully ever since. Federal Metals is a recycling company that was founded in 1950 by Leslie’s grandfather and has stayed in the family for generations. Although admittedly there have been ups and downs, she has challenged the image of a scrap dealer by holding her own in an extremely male dominated industry. Furthermore, Leslie sits on a board called PEPS (Provincial Electrical Physical Security) with security officials in an effort to prevent the escalating rate of copper theft across western Canada. Not only is she a scrap dealer, Leslie is a co-owner of the cloud based asset management system CRO Software Solutions. This company was developed out of the desire to upgrade Federal Metals, CRO has branched out internationally to be used successfully by many other industries. As a business owner, Leslie is responsible for a variety of activities ranging from macro-level strategic direction to daily management of operations.

Ms. Kraatz believes it’s important to recognize where you shine in an organization and where you don’t. She is dedicated to empowering her employees, taking care of her customers and engaging the community around her. Other accomplishments that have set Leslie apart is her title as Mrs. Calgary 2015 as well as her dedication to philanthropy by supporting local charities such as STARS Airs Ambulance and the Wounded Warriors Association.

Photo by PeachICON

She invests her spare time into pushing her limits through adventuring in the Rocky Mountains and expanding her knowledge and skill set to gain a greater understanding of the world around her.

Leslie credits her twenty-year old daughter Kayla as her mentor. She says Kayla is her best friend who is positively radiant and keeps her grounded with her unusual wealth of wisdom at such a young age.

A defining moment in her life was a brush with death at the age of fifteen when she was in a deadly rollover accident in the Millerville area. It left her in a coma for two weeks and with years of not only physical but mental recovery ahead. Although the incident was traumatizing to her loving parents and those around her, it left her with a unique strength to persevere and a unique outlook on life. She sees life as an adventure and is appreciative and grateful for every moment, the good the bad and the ugly as they all serve a valuable purpose.

From Motion Ball Gala 2015 with TJ Anderson and Leslie.